About Us

“Our commitment is to provide professional and safe services as well as dedication to clients”


NADI MARINE SDN BHD is part of the Nadi Group of companies and is a registered local contractor company with Malaysia Business Commission ( 644783-k ) and also Finance Ministry ( Ref No. 02059489 )

NADI MARINE SDN BHD was established in 2005 to address the rise in demand for marine and shipping services in Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Johor, Malaysia. Over the years, we have gone on to provide expert personnel and specialised equipment to the inshore and offshore marine industry as a service provider of value added services such as vessel fabrication, repair and maintenance, ship parcel services, scrap vendor, repacking and labelling services of dangerous cargo, ship chandelier, ship agent, storage service facilities and the supply of skilled port as well as shipyard workers.

Continued progress and development led to the establishment of NADI MARINE DIVING & ROV DIVISION, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nadi Group (M) that specialises in the provision of subsea services. Our underwater services include diving works as well as the provision of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and ROV personnel for construction, installation, cleaning, maintenance and inspection for vessels, pipelines, structures and Oil & Gas installations. 


Nadi Marine’s mission is to establish a long-term relationship with business partners. We provide quality services and fulfil customer’s needs with the use of modern technology. To diversify service network and add more business partners.


To be amongst the top service providers locally and in future at international level by ensuring high quality and satisfactory service. To be one of the premier service providers for the offshore and onshore industries.

Core values


    No one gets hurt

    Eliminate high potential hazards

    No uncontrolled discharge into the environment 

  • AIM

    Increase employees’ competency

    Reinforce adherence to procedures and strengthen our culture of compliance

    Increase our focus on developing local talent

    Provide career advancement opportunities for all our staff


    Strong sense of commitment to perform in a proper and satisfactory manner

    Efficiency, effectiveness, motivation and punctuality

    Performance and behaviour contribute toward the achievement of our goals and objectives


    Living by ethical and moral principles that come from a higher code

    To be righteous and honourable in everything we do 

    Treating our employees with great respect and fairness

Nadi Marine Group